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College Prep: Using File Storage for Class Organization

We live in the digital age where everything we want or need is at our fingertips. Most professors allow students to bring their laptops to take notes during class, so making sure that all of our work is saved in a location that is secure and can be accessed from anywhere is super important! When I was an undergrad, I used to either save all of my files to a jump drive or I would email the file to myself. The issue with a jump drive is that you HAVE to keep up with it! In this post I am going to talk about the benefits of having a file storage service and tips on how I organize my folders.

Now there are three main file storage services: Dropbox, Google Drive, and One Drive. I have only used Dropbox, but if you want to compare these check out this article which does an awesome job comparing these.

Late into my undergrad I was introduced to Dropbox and ever since my whole life lives in my Dropbox folder. Essentially, Dropbox keeps all of your files in one place, and it’s synced across all of your devices. The absolute best part about having this service is that even if you don’t have your laptop with you, you can sign into your account from any computer. You can download the app to your phone and access your files from there, too! Also, you get more storage if you refer it to someone and they sign up using your email! You can also share folders with other people if you are working on a project together.

How to Manage Your Files

The most important tip of using a file storage service is USING it and making sure that you store/save all of your files under the folder. When you decide which service that you want (let’s say you choose Dropbox), you’ll want to download the application to your computer. Once it is downloaded, you can start making folders for different subjects and start your filing system. As you can see below, I have several folders with different topics, but for the purpose of school I will show you how I have managed the files for my own courses.

Screen Shot 2018-08-03 at 6.56.21 PM

So, I have a broad folder labeled FSU (Florida State University), and within that folder I have organized it by each semester. I used to have all of my courses in just one folder, but managing it this way has helped me to keep everything even more organized, neat, and clean.

Screen Shot 2018-08-03 at 6.59.30 PM

Under each semester, I have labeled folders for each class that I took during that semester.

Screen Shot 2018-08-03 at 7.03.11 PM

Then, in each class, I organize the folder by weekly topics, papers, projects, etc. You can never have enough folders to help you stay organized!

Screen Shot 2018-08-03 at 7.09.08 PM

I feel that having specified folders helps me to easily locate what I am looking for. So, let’s say that you’re working on a paper for PSY 1101 this semester. You would create a folder for that project under that course for said semester and would store all of the related files, articles, rubrics, etc. in that folder as well. You can also create a folder for your lectures (whether it be on a weekly basis or by chapter/topic).

Screen Shot 2018-08-03 at 7.09.16 PM

Again, the only way to get the most out of using a file storage service is getting in the practice of making sure that you save your files in the correct place! I honestly would be a wreck if I did not have Dropbox and I highly recommend looking into a file storage service if you don’t have one already. I hope you found the method to my madness helpful for helping you to manage your own courses!



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