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Today’s post will be a little different than most. Today I will tell you about the small dog accessory business that my best friend Hailey and I started and the adventure that came with it. More than a year ago, we started a business called Prep on Point, and now our lives have been given great opportunities so we have decided to close the shop. While we are sad that this fun chapter is over, we are so grateful for the amazing support from our customers and also grateful for the extra time we will have now to dedicate towards other ventures! We have discounted all items to 50% off for our closeout sale! So grab some bows and bow ties for your pup or give them as a gift while supplies last!

Now for the story…it seems that both of our dogs, Cotton (mine) & Bendel (Hailey’s), have had such a big impact on our lives in so many ways, and the start of mine and Hailey’s relationship is no different. In desperation to deal with insanely energetic German Shorthaired Pointer puppies, we set up a play date through Instagram and not only did we become best friends, but Cotton and Bendel became inseparable. We loved to make accessories for them (bows, bow ties, bandanas, costumes, etc.) and then everyone started asking where we got them from. We found that a lot of dog accessory companies were very high priced, so we decided to give it a shot and start our own company with “preppy” in mind. We handpicked all of our fabric to best represent a classy, preppy style, perfect for all occasions. The best part is that we have a style for both girls and boys!

After Hailey graduated and moved back home in summer 2017, we had to run the business apart. I would run the website and make all of the bows and ship them to Hailey, and she was in charge of putting everything together, making the bow ties, and shipping everything out. It became very stressful at times, but we persevered through it all because we wanted to make our customers happy. We are so blessed that we have amazing customers, friends, and family who have supported us through all of this. So go grab some bows or bow ties for your preppy pup before they run out!



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