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Visiting Magnolia Market

The weekend that we arrived in Dallas, It just so happened that Mike’s parents were also visiting family in Texas. Halfway between where his family lives and Dallas is Waco, the home of Magnolia Market. For those who don’t know what the Magnolia Market is, perhaps you’re more familiar with the show Fixer Upper on HGTV–Magnolia Market is owned by Chip and Joanna Gaines, the personalities on the show. What’s so neat about this place is that rather than tearing old buildings down and/or building a new building, it is built around a historic grain barn, and the silos give It so much character. Also, It has driven a lot of business to the city (or town I should say) of Waco. We arrived around 9 AM and the parking lot was already full! Also, parking is FREE and so is admission!

Magnolia Market is a shopping complex complete with a shop where you can buy items that Joanna uses to decorate, food trucks with picnic tables, and a lawn area. We really wanted to go to Silos Baking Co., but the line was so long! You also have to stand in line to get into the store, too. My favorite part about Magnolia Market is the garden which has a smaller shop called Magnolia Seed Supply. The beds were filled with flowers and seasonal produce. The garden shop has gardening tools, growing kits, and really neat pots and vessels to use for planting.

If you want to visit downtown Waco (there really wasn’t much to It, but I can see that It’s growing!), there is a free trolley that you can hop on. I highly recommend going to Hey Sugar which is a really cute candy store. They have all sorts of candy, ice cream, different flavors of popcorn (I really loved the dill pickle!), and in the back is a wide assortment of sodas!

We went on a Saturday, so that’s probably why It was sooo busy and crowded. It was incredibly crowded in the store (and I tend to get a bit claustrophobic in big crowds), so I wasn’t really able to check out all of the neat home items in the store. So I would suggest that, if possible, try going on a weekday. There are also a lot of cute photo ops, but It was really hard with so many people around! We had such a blast! I encourage everyone to check It out!

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