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Weekend Trip: Dallas

This weekend we drove 12 and a half hours from Tallahassee, FL to Dallas, TX, and boy was It a LONG drive. Mike has an internship in Dallas this summer, so I decided to go with him to help him move in. It was Memorial Day weekend so we had Friday-Monday to explore the city and get familiar with It. Being from the south we are used to the heat, but WOW, Dallas was SOO hot! So if you visit in the summer, be sure to pack accordingly!

I’m just going to tell you about the highlights of our weekend, and then in later blog posts I’ll go more in depth about certain places, eats, and experiences! Our first mission was to go to visit Dealey Plaza to see the spot were JFK was assassinated, and to pay our respects. It’s definitely worth seeing and it’s in downtown Dallas. Downtown Dallas is really neat, but it shuts down after 5. We visited the Woolworth, which used to be an actual Woolworth story, and the Mitchell, which is a smaller bar but was SO pretty inside! But if you’re ever in the area, be sure to check out the Eyeball! It’s so cool! Dallas is about an hour and a half from Waco, TX where the Magnolia Market is, which is run by Joanna and Chip Gaines from Fixer Upper. We met up with Mike’s family who was also visiting! When we got back to Dallas, we checked out Deep Ellum which is an art district with tons or really cool wall art and restaurants.

Deep Ellum wasn’t really our style, but we came across a really nice pocket of town called Lower Greenville which is FILLED with a lot of bars and restaurants. There is a Trader Joe’s there, JOY macarons (which I’ll talk about in a later post), the Truck Yard (our favorite!), and best of all the area is super dog friendly. Mike wanted to bring our rescue dog, Sutton, with him for the summer, and Sutton got lots of attention everywhere we went. (Sutton was also able to handle the long car drive like a champ!!) We also drove up to Highland Park to check out the high-end shopping. I was mostly interested in visiting Draper James to try on some things from the new line. There were several other incredible shops, but the houses in that area were incredibly immaculate–that’s probably because they were the homes to Jerry Jones, George W. Bush, etc.

One of my favorite parts of the trip was visiting the Dallas Farmer’s Market (I’ll talk about this in a later post!). It looks like they’re adding more to It, so I am excited to go back when I visit again. We walked around a massive, gorgeous nursery called Ruibal’s Plants of Texas and were able to take some pretty cool pics. In the Farmer’s Market are several awesome bars and restaurants, and my (now) favorite place to get macarons in Dallas, Chelles Macarons (I’ll talk about this in a later post!).



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