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Lilly Pulitzer Season


I’m sure you’re all familiar with the fashion rule to not wear white after Labor Day or before Easter (this goes for shoes, too!).  Southerners would even consider doing this as having bad manners.  My husband would even go as far to say that seersucker shouldn’t be worn before Easter, too.  However, if you in the South (especially Florida) warm weather comes much earlier in the year, presenting the temptation to break out my spring and summer wardrobe which consists mostly of white, seersucker, and Lilly Pulitzer.

So, the “white fashion rule” is one that I absolutely try to strictly follow (although I’m guilty of breaking it on the rare occasion), but it made me think…”When is it Lilly season?” I know true Lilly’s would say Lilly can be worn year-round, and Lilly Pulitzer herself quoted, “Despite the forecast, live like it’s spring,” and “It’s always summer somewhere,” but I feel that the bright, whimsical colors and prints used in Lilly clothes are to be worn in seasons that reflect the spirit of the brand–summer and spring. I asked my husband and best friend Hailey (who also has a Lilly packed closet–check out her blog here!) and they had different responses. My husband said that I should wait to wear Lilly Pulitzer until Easter (March 29th, 2018) or at least the first day of spring (March 20th, 2018), while Hailey said Lilly season starts on the first day of spring. Hailey and I later justified that we live in Florida and it’s already warm, so we declared March 1st as the first day Lilly season! Also, most Lilly tops, shorts, and skirts look best paired with white (other solid colors that compliment the print work, too!). With that considered, I won’t wear Lilly before Easter unless it’s a dress or if I have another solid colored item to compliment my shorts, skirts, or tops.

Lilly Pulitzer is more than just clothes–it’s a lifestyle.  Any Lilly lady can be spotted a mile away, not just by the bright, unique clothes, but by their confidence and radiant smile. I always feel so happy and confident when wearing Lilly. What’s great is that most Lilly items can be worn to work or in the office setting. As long as you make sure the length of the dress and skirts are appropriate, then break out the Lilly! I believe that the clothes you wear and how you present yourself gives you a confidence boost that you can accomplish anything. Wearing Lilly to work will turn heads and will send others’ the message that you are happy and fun, but gives you the confidence to take on any task and get work done!

So, to kick off our unofficial “First Day of Lilly” for the year, Hailey and I threw on our Lilly dresses and headed out to the pier! The dress that I am wearing is the girl’s Sophie dress in this season’s “Pier Pressure” print. I’m so happy that I can fit in the girl’s XL because it’s half the price of the Sophie dress in the ladies size. It is the same length as an XXS, but is a little wider and boxier. When buying the Sophie dress in the ladies, I go back and forth between XXS and XS. They are the same length, but the XS fits just a little looser so it’s really just whatever look you’re going for. Hailey is wearing my Marlowe dress in the Indigo Sunset Swim print in XS. She usually wears a S, but as you see the XS fits her just fine! Again, it’s all about preference and what you’re going for!

We were SO excited and happy to finally wear our Lilly this year! So, what are your thoughts on when “Lilly Season” begins? How do you style Lilly at work? What’s your favorite prints?

My Dress: Girls XL Sophie Dress by Lilly Pulitzer

Hailey’s Dress: XS Marlowe Dress by Lilly Pulitzer

All Jewelry: Kiel James Patrick

Mike’s Outfit: Shirt, Belt, & Shoes: Kiel James Patrick | Pants: Brooks Brothers











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