Vineyard Vines Whale of a Sale

VV Wish
Christmas is my favorite time of the year, but I must say that after Christmas is a close second because of all of the after-Christmas sales! My absolute FAVORITE sale and store is Vineyard Vines’ Whale of a Sale–Use the Code: WHALE17

Right now it’s 30% off all sale items, but if you wait it out, it goes up to 50%! However, the scary part about waiting is that the items you want may be sold out or not in your size, so you have to be the best judge of when to pull the trigger!

Nevertheless, it’s still an amazing sale! Every year we always try to snag a Santa Whale shirt (it has kind of become a tradition). I’m (fortunately) small enough to fit into boys and girls XL, and this is great because the kids’ sizes are nearly half the price of the adults!

Girls Jolly Plaid Shep Shirt • Vineyard Vines • $44.99
Boys Long Sleeve Santa Whale Pocket T-Shirt • Vineyard Vines • $19.99
Boys Long-Sleeve Lights Logo Box Pocket T-Shirt • Vineyard Vines • $19.99
Boys Long-Sleeve Gingerbread Whale Pocket T-Shirt • Vineyard Vines • $19.99
Men’s Vineyard Vines Mr. Claus Whale Graphic Pocket T-Shirt • Vineyard Vines • $32.16

I have been eyeing several dresses and skirts this year, hoping that they will still be available for Whale of a Sale. Guess what? They are! I will say buying clothes specifically for the holidays after the holidays seems a bit backwards, because I feel as if people look at me funny for wearing holiday outfits after Christmas. However, it’s just easier and cheaper to buy them around this time of the year and hold on to them for next year’s holiday parties and events!

Jolly Plaid Shift Dress • Vineyard Vines • $139.99
Vineyard Vines Jolly Plaid Taffeta Party Skirt • Vineyard Vines • $128
Jolly Plaid Cotton Cashmere Classic Button Down • Vineyard Vines • $74.99
Relaxed Seabreeze Gingham Pocket Button-Up • Vineyard Vines • $59.99

This is also a great time to snag up a very coveted Vineyard Vines whale ornament. They also have other super cute ornaments and home items as well! Don’t forget to grab some other stocking stuffers, like socks, as well! Happy Holidays and happy shopping!

Whale Ornament • Vineyard Vines • $34.99
Ski Stoneware Mug • Vineyard Vines • $24.99
vv Boat & Tree Ornament • Vineyard Vines • $39.99
Truck & Tree Socks • Vineyard Vines • $12.99
Mahi Christmas Socks • Vineyard Vines • $12.99
Hunting Dog Socks • Vineyard Vines • $14.99
Logo Box Lights Ornament • Vineyard Vines • $14.99
Santa Stoneware Mug • Vineyard Vines • $24.99
Holiday Tervis Tumblers • Vineyard Vines • $44.99
Kids Classic Logo Baseball Hat • Vineyard Vines • $19.99–28


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