How to Redo Your Carpeted Stairs

When I first moved into my house, I knew that the carpet had to go. The stairs seemed the easiest to tackle first, so I went at it.


Pulling up the carpet off the stairs was pretty simple, and then I had to remove the tack strips.

Once I did that I sanded down the wood.

Next, I went to the store and got the 2 in 1 wood stain+polyurethane. Also, I got some wood conditioner and cheese cloths.

After sanding I put down the wood conditioner and followed instructions on that.

I knew I didn’t want to be trapped upstairs or downstairs once I stained the stairs. So what I did was I stained every other stair, and put a Post-it note on the ones that were okay to step on.

Once those dried, I went back and did the remaining stairs. Then I went back for another coat.

After those were done, I painted the fronts of the stairs white! Definitely had to use some painter’s tape though.

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