Chiffon Strapless Dress Tutorial


I’m in love with chiffon and I love summer dresses, so I decided to make something of my 2 favorite things!

First gather your materials. You will need 2 yards of chiffon fabric, 2 yards of knit/jersey fabric, and elastic.

Your measurements for the panels will be your desired length for the chiffon and then for the width is your waist measurement plus 2 inches. For your knit fabric the width will be the same, but the length will be 4 inches shorter than the chiffon.

blue dress

Now would be a good time to go ahead and hem the bottoms of the fabrics.

blue hem

Photo Jun 11, 1 04 47 PM

Now, pin your chiffon fabric together so it wont slide around and then sew down the sides. Then do the same with your knit/jersey fabric.

sew blue

Photo Jun 11, 1 13 50 PM

This part is a little tricky but it’s easy. With the seams facing out still slide the chiffon fabric into the knit/jersey then pin them together across the top, then sew them together. Line the seams up as a guide.

**BE SURE TO FLIP YOUR FABRIC OVER AFTER YOUR SEW THEM TOGETHER AT THE TOP** — this way the seams will be on the inside

Photo Jun 04, 7 34 46 PM

Photo Jun 04, 7 41 46 PM

Once you do that, sew a casing for the elastic on the top. Be sure to leave a small gap then close. Once you do this measure 6 inches down from the top and sew another casing for the elastic. Be sure to sew the ends of the elastic.

blue casing

Photo Jun 11, 10 28 21 PM

Photo Jun 11, 10 03 54 PM

Once you do that, your dress is done! I know the dress I have pictured has a ruffle across the top, but I did not include how to do that in this tutorial.

Photo Jun 14, 3 37 48 PM

5 thoughts on “Chiffon Strapless Dress Tutorial”

  1. This dress is so pretty! What do you do for the casings (especially the one at the waist)? I’ve been sewing for awhile now but casings like that have always confused me.


    1. At the waist just sew a line all the way around through both fabrics and then depending on the size of your elastic sew another in directly below it about 1/2 inch down and leave a gap to put in your elastic then sew it up!


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