Chiffon Maxi Skirt Tutorial

Maxi Skirt

I have been wanting a black maxi skirt because it pretty much goes with everything. I love chiffon so I decided to make one. Here is how I did it.

First you will need at least 1 1/2 yards of chiffon fabric and 1 yard of knit/jersey fabric.

Photo Jun 10, 6 03 47 PM

Cut your fabric as described below. Be sure to cut 2 pieces of each.


Photo Jun 10, 6 19 25 PM Photo Jun 10, 6 13 48 PM

Now would be a good time to go ahead and hem the bottoms of the fabrics


Now pin the two pieces of fabric together and sew down the sides. It’s important to pin the chiffon fabric as it tends to slide and move around.

Hem Down

Photo Jun 10, 7 27 06 PM

Now with your seams facing out (fabric inside out) place the knit fabric on top of the chiffon fabric. Basically insert the chiffon fabric inside of the knit fabric. Then sew across the top of the fabrics.


Now, sew the casing and be sure to leave a small gap to insert the elastic. Measure the elastic around your waist and cut it. Use a safety pin to guide it through. Then sew the ends of the elastic and sew the small gap to close the casing.


Flip it out and there you have it!! Your very own chiffon maxi skirt! 🙂

Photo Jun 14, 3 38 44 PM

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